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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  KNTV  March 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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can we go get some ice cream? more testing being done. alright, we gotta stop here first. ♪ ♪ >> so what's being done this evening? nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in from smarter atms, to after hours video tellers walnut creek with the governor's address. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: well, we learned more about this virus daily, comcast business is connecting thousands of banks to technology that turns everyday transactions into extraordinary experiences. jessica. tonight news was sobering from the governor and reaction from some not so surprising. hi there. how are you? do you have any lollipops in there? >> young people can and will be (laughing) no, sorry. we're helping all kinds of businesses impacted by this virus. go beyond customer expectations. >> reporter: that was the message tonight as governor how can we help you? gavin newsom speaking firmly to every californian about the 2,102 cases of covid-19 documented so far in the state. right now at 11:00, breaking >> half of those that have news on capitol hill. a deal has been reached. tested positive to date in the state of california are 18 to 49 it is 2:00 a.m. eastern time. years old. this is a live look there. agre. this disease impacts everybody. >> reporter: before now, the country has been told that people over 65 with other health this cap issues are susceptible to the of intense negotiations. the question now, who gets the virus. the numbers now show that money and when? everyone is at risk. "the washington post" is >> kids our serious
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reporting that many americans will get $1,200 checks. the plan also creates a loan until it really affects them program for small businesses and personally. >> it didn't surprise me. we knew this was coming and that's why we are taking this very seriously and keeping our a fund forest industries, citie social distance. >> reporter: as more tests are and states. the details of this plan becoming available, so too are the results. tomorrow the governor plans to expected to be announced tomorrow. also tonight, a sobering release new numbers that will show what kind of progress is revelation from governor newsom. half of california's coronavirus being made. patients are not elderry but meanwhile, president trump said he would look to ease the rather 18 to 49-year-olds. guidelines for the shelter at home orders in many parts of the >> young people can and will be country. >> i hope we can do this by impacted by this virus. easter. i think that would be a great >> the governor making several thing for our country. important updates at an >> reporter: the governor thinks that is too soon. eye-opening news conference this >> early april, i think, that evening. good evening, everyone. would be misleading to thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre joining you represent, at least for from the nbc bay area studios. >> i'm raj mathai in thein the california. >> reporter: also today, the governor signed an executive order that will halt the intake and transfer of inmates into the prison system. now, he says he's doing that to protect the inmates and also to protect the workers who are now coming down with the virus. reporting live in walnut creek,
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i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. governor newsom also praising bay area tech companies helping with the medical supply shortage. >> as i mentioned yesterday, the hero work of elon musk, who came through on his promise to deliver over 1,000 ventilators. we have brought in ourselves, we just got another 1,010 ventilators from the private sector. we're working with bloom energy and others to convert that cache of 514 ventilators that we have, to refurbish them. >> richard branson is flying in a 747 airplane stocked with personal protective gear. new at 11:00, stanford university says it's aware of 24 people connected to the stanford community that have tested positive, including one student who is currently self-isolating on campus. now, the university confirms members of its faculty, staff, and school of medicine employees
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are among those who have tested positive for covid-19. all police officers should be tested. that is the call tonight from the union as more officers across the bay area test positive for covid-19. the issue, departments need to know what they're up against and how to prepare. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in san francisco where the sfpd got its first positive test today, jean. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. and that san francisco police department sergeant works here at 850 bryant up on the fifth floor. the building remained open today. sfpd says his office was closed and it will be cleaned as more police officers in the bay area test positive, departments are making some changes. >> i started to feel ill last week. from friday really started to notice symptoms. >> reporter: a san francisco police sergeant who was working here at 850 bryant in the special victims unit tests positive for the coronavirus. the president of the police officers association says the
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sergeant's partner is sick and wants to be tested. and four more officers in the unit are out sick. the poa says it's a unit that has a lot of public contact, and some svu officers have recently been assigned to the tenderloin station. >> we're just trying to figure out how big of a group this sergeant may have come into contact with and who should stay off and who shouldn't stay off. >> reporter: a growing number of bay area law enforcement agencies have coronavirus in the ranks. >> two officers of the santa rosa police department have tested positive for covid-19. they have received medical attention and are in stable condition. >> reporter: from the santa rosa police department to the santa clara county sheriff's department, some are asking the public to alert officers if someone is sick with they call for help. >> so please let our dispatchers know ahead of time. that way our deputies can properly prepare. they can glove up. they can gown up and make sure they are safe first and foremost before they respond to the call. >> reporter: in san francisco, tony montoya wants every officer
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tested to protect the department and the public. >> you know, my officers may be asymptomatic and they could conceivably infect somebody unknowingly just because they haven't presented symptoms or haven't been able to test themselves. >> reporter: the poa says it's working with other bay area police departments and plans to ask the governor's office for help together in getting officers tested. now, if the bay area police department ends up needing help with staffing because of coronavirus, it would call for mutual aid and officers from other departments in the area would come to their aid with staffing. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. among the fears with all of this, this virus could thin the ranks of our frontline medical personnel like doctors and nurses. sources telling our investigative unit today that two workers at good samaritan hospital in san jose are among the sick. one of the workers is a lab worker. he's now on a ventilator. the source also says a nurse at
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the hospital is self-isolating at home after a positive test. good sam declined to comment on those specific cases because of medical privacy laws but said patient care is not being affected. the hospital sending us a statement reading in part, these nurses and doctors are vital to the care of patients and community right now, and we take their well-being very seriously. so here are the updated numbers in the bay area. more than 1,000 cases. you can see contra costa county has jumped now to 86. santa clara county continues to be the hardest hit with 375 cases. napa and mendocino counties with only two positive cases in each county there. 22 people in the bay area have died. 16 of those deaths are in santa clara county. make it mandatory. bay area congressman ro khanna and congresswoman barbara lee leading the charge to implement a nationwide shelter in place. they're among 20 members of congress who sent this letter to the white house today urging president trump to issue a
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two-week shelter in place for the entire country. they say it's the only way to slow the spread of the virus. if you didn't get your take out tonight, maybe you could do it tomorrow night or later this week. restaurants around the country banning together specifically to offer deals. but is this enough for these small businesses to survive. let's bring in ian come who joins us from what's usually a very busy santana row, but not anymore, ian. >> reporter: no, raj. you know, even on a tuesday night around dinnertime, but it's been pretty bare for, yeah, about the past week since that shelter in place. you know, the national restaurant association is expecting the restaurants are going to lose $225 billion over the next three months across the nation. they're asking for local diners to step up and help those restaurants and the 15 million
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people they employ. the kitchen at l.b. steak is hoping to keep the flame burning as much as possible. like most restaurants, sales have tanked due to the shelter in place. but today something to celebrate. the great american takeout. they along with thousands of restaurants want people to know you can still order food and support their workers. >> anything we can do to keep our doors open so that we're still able to take care of our people and make sure they have a job when this is over is really just the goal. >> reporter: many are offering deals for the week and month, 50% off the bottle of the day to go. >> abc lifting that law and allowing restaurants to be able to sell cocktails to go and hard alcohol, it just gives us another revenue stream that we never had before. >> reporter: down the street, zazil opened just five weeks ago. sales are already down 98%, and
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they're innovating as well. >> we're trying to have more family packages. a lot of people are home and with the families so we definitely want to focus on that. >> reporter: restaurants changing how they serve to survive. >> i definitely highly encourage to keep those businesses and alive and healthy. >> this is a win/win situation. i'm glad they're staying open and happy to support them. >> reporter: many businesses are having to lay off or furlough workers. but the management tells me they are also giving all of those workers every single night dinner for a family of four to take home. we're live in santana row, ian cull, nbc bay area news. we're on till midnight. the helpful product bay area breweries just got the go ahead to start producing. here's a hint. you can't drink it. also -- >> that's it.
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the show must go on. the innovative way a south bay theater group is preparing despite this pandemic. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'm tracking the rain moving through the bay area. i'll show you what's ahead for our rain chances this week in about six minutes. when we face adversity,
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(sarcastically) fantastic. earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. chase. make more of what's yours. we have new video tonight of a bright reminder in texas to stay at home. you see it there. these lights on the side of the omni dallas hotel. it reads simply "stay home." and closer to home, take a look at this. can you make it out there? that's the fairmont hotel in the background. this is in san jose, downtown san jose. the lights on the rooms form the shape of a heart. it's part of the fairmont's campaign called love hearts to show solidarity during this difficult time. critical care doctors in san francisco are calling for more protection for co-workers. they want uc hospitals to issue a protective mask to every nurse, technician and every health care provider since they know those n95 masks are scarce,
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they'll settle for surgical masks right now. >> all workers at these hospitals should be wearing surgical masks to protect themselves and to protect the patients because right now we don't know who really does or does not have covid-19. >> i don't think that the department is going to say no to it, but the question is how can they? do they have enough supplies to go along with this very smart recommendation? >> can you imagine how challenging it is for all of our doctors and nurses and medical care workers? ucsf officials telling us they hadn't formally received such a request from critical care doctors but city public health officials who oversee sf general said they would certainly consider it. the city of hayward is loosening its criteria for people who can get tested. before they were only testing people with fever over 100 degrees, but that left them with leftover testing kits. so now health workers will start offering testing to people who have symptoms or are homeless or over the age of 65.
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no referral from a physician is required. testing site leaders say they can test as many as 370 people a day, and you'll get your results within 6 to 24 hours. well, almost as desolate as the streets, all three of the bay area's major airports have seen dramatic cutbacks in the wake of this pandemic. flight cancellations happening in record amounts at sfo, sjc, and oakland international. several airlines have pared back their daily flights. southwest has suspended all international flights. experts say the numbers are only going to get worse in the coming weeks. it's toilet paper and hand sanitizer, right? two of the hottest selling items. they're usually sold out at the local grocery stores but what about buying hand sanitizer at the local distillery and brewery? it's happening. here's nbc bay area's jodi hernandez in fairfield. >> reporter: the her he tick brewing company in fairfield sells 15,000 barrels muof brew
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screeching ho close their popul room. >> usually we're in the business of making things for people to drink, great beers, great spirits. >> reporter: but now they're shifting gears, mixing up a different kind of concoction, much needed hand sanitizer. >> it's one thing we can do for the community that is in short supply right now. >> reporter: a handful of local distilleries and breweries in the bay area have gotten the green light from the fda to start making the high demand product. falcon spirits distillery in richmond has stopped making gin and is solely focusing on producing hand sanitizer for first responders and restaurants. except for large specialized order, the owner is donating it. >> i've studied chemistry, so i've always been interested ine
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well being of humans. >> reporter: heretic brewly will be selling its so-called germ juice to the public and using the proceeds to supply those on the front line of the covid-19 crisis. they say as long as they can stay afloat, they'll be filling the new need. >> relief is on the way. i think we'll have some for people here. >> that's an interesting idea. the outbreak is posing problems not just for businesses and schools but also those afterschool programs, right? >> so much. a south bay theater group is doing something good to make sure kids can still participate. check this out. an all too familiar sight now. children's musical theater of san jose going digital like so much of us. the group is giving kids a rehearsal schedule at the beginning of the week just like they normally do. the only difference is they the steps and the vocal parts via video, and then they all hop on zoom and they practice. >> it's easier in some ways.
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it's much harder in others, but it doesn't change the fact that everybody is so excited to be a part of it. all of those faces looking out at you saying, what do we do next, coach, is very thrilling. >> and you get to connect with each other. the theater company is hoping this creative workaround will help them pull their shows together remotely for now with the real thing set for mid spring they're hoping. real talk, honesty here, i had never heard of zoom until about three weeks ago, but now i'm a big user. i love it. >> we're all zooming now, right? >> me either. >> take it away, jeff. >> we should zoom our lunch together, guys, since we're not -- you know? all right. i can bring you some of what we're cooking back here at home maybe tomorrow night. we did have that rainfall move in. temperatures a lot colder outside. might have had some of you feeling at least a little bit paranoid because when we get these colder temperatures, it
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can tax your body a little bit, and you might be thinking, okay, am i getting some symptoms? is this allergies? what's happening? so we're going to go ahead and set you straight here as we head throughout the next couple days and let you know when we get out of this cold rut we're stuck in right now. as we take a look at the rainfall totals we had today, about a third of an inch up into santa rosa. that was some of the highest totals in marin, napa, sonoma counties. berkeley with a quarter of an inch. san jose, 0.06 of an inch. the doppler radar and satellite does show spotty showers right now. it's primarily concentrated over the peninsula and also for portions of the east bay. as we take a closer look, we can put a track on this. it's moving to the north and east and that would push a few of these showers over to hayward by 11:59 tonight. but most of this activity is breaking up. however, for tomorrow morning, i still do see the chance here of some spotty showers. i think the bigger thing,
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though, is if you have to out tomorrow morning, it's the cold. down to 37 for the tri-valley. 40 in the south bay. the north bay at 36 degrees and we'll have a mix of sun, clouds and a slight chance of a spotty shower. not going to warm up a whole lot for the afternoon. we have 50s expected from the north bay right over to the east bay and down to the south bay with san jose at 53. palo alto, 55. oakland at 57. my extended forecast continues with that slight chance of a spotty shower, isolated thunderstorm on wednesday. and then notice as we hit next tuesday, that would be day 15 inside with covid-19, we are looking at a warmer 74 degrees. so it will be warmer eventually. we just got to wait for it. coming up in about 25 minutes, i'll have a look at the sierra snow forecast. we know a few folks have had to head up there and check on some family members in the sierra.
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i'll let you know about some snow on the way and we'll update you on the full bay area rain forecast in about 25 minutes. >> thanks, jeff. so sad we can't be skiing but this is the times we're in now. just ahead, olympic dreams delayed officially. we're going medalists. stay with us. happening now, people in russia rattled by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake. it struck about two hours ago in the northern pacific east of russia. no word on any damage or injuries in the nearby islands. a brief tsunami watch for hawaii has been canceled. wee are back with more news in a moment. are back with more news moment.
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it is disappointing but if is official. the tokyo olympics postponed until 2021. hard for the athletes. so sad for the fans and all the volunteers worldwide. so many people were hoping to go, you included among those, raj. >> but just for all of us, whether you're going there or watching on tv, it's such a magical time. the world to come together. so we'll just try to wait and hopefully it happens july of 2021. stanford swimmer katie ledecky is a five-time gold medalist. today she talked with nbc's mike tirico. >> there are always these great stories of adversity that athletes face and what they're able to overcome. and right now we're kind of all facing medical adversity as a global community, and i think we're all capable of getting through this time and coming out on the other end and hopefully
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the olympics in tokyo will truly be a celebration >> very positive attitude. our local olympians, they get it. they know what's happening around the globe with this crisis. they are happy just to be part of the solution here in postponing this for at least one year. coming up in 25 minutes, we'll hear from other bay area olympians about the postponement. >> when we return, a notable discovery on the diamond princess, that cruise ship. what we're learning tonight about the coronavirus on surfaces. help could be available for people who can't make the rent next month. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll explain who and how to apply next. for over 75 yea p
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right now at 11:30, after a very long night on capitol hill, a deal has finally been reached. lawmakers agreeing on a $2 trillion stimulus package. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell tweeting, quote, at least we have a deal after days of intense discussions. the senate has reached a bipartisan agreement on a historic relief package for this pandemic. now, this caps five straight days of intense negotiations. the question tonight, though, is who gets the money and when does it happen?
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"the washington post" reporting many americans will get $1,200 checks. the plan also includes creating a loan program for small businesses and a fund for industries, cities and states. also tonight -- >> this disease impacts everybody. >> governor newsom today revealing more than 2,100 people tested positive for the virus far in california. that's a nearly 20% increase from just yesterday. a couple things to point out, jessica. as we saw in china and what we're seeing in italy, these numbers will rise dramatically as testing becomes more widespread. and the other takeaway today, the age of the people infected right here in california. >> yeah. we're finding out that really corona doesn't discriminate against age. in fact, half of the cases of the patients are in that age range of 18 to 49, not the elderly as we first thought. it's a devastating reminder that anybody can be infected with the virus. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is
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